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jeu cartevisiteMédiaflip® is a reconfigurable and standardized pinball machine

It consists of a pinball machine wired as standard, with a game board. A backbox equipped with a TV, a windows® PC and the interface card.

A Médiaflip pinball is reconfigurable by its owner for all its graphic and sound functions.

This allows to use, to sound the game, sounds that you can create yourself, or copy from any sound source.
The set of graphics on the backbox is configurable: You can use your own drawings, images or photos, which will appear on the backbox screen of the game when the corresponding function will be active.
Your pinball is reconfigurable in sounds and screen graphics, by yourself and as many times as you like ....


Advantages of the Médiaflip® system

The Médiaflip® concept makes it possible to eliminate the following elements, which are usually present in all pinball machines and can be as many sources weakening its reliability and complicating its maintenance:

jeu cartevisite

   The front panel of the pediment and all its displays

   the rear panel of the pediment and its electronic boards

   The silkscreened glass of the pediment

  All the pediment bulbs

  All electronic cards (CPU, driver, power supply, sound, displays).ecrandechoix

Médiaflip uses many consumer components: Power, TV, PC PC ....
This makes the possible maintenance easy because these components are available very easily near you.

With a Médiaflip®, you can easily change the pinball model by changing only the playfield.

  • You can fully build the image of the game pediment and the displayable graphics with your own graphics or photos.
  • You can sound each game function with the sounds of your choice, which you can create or save yourself.

Almost all pinball machines can be converted to Mediaflip ......

Don't hesitate any longuer!! Email now to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll give you all information you need to set up or buy your Mediaflip® Pinball


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